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IRONMAN ROKA Women's Maverick Elite II Wetsuit

IRONMAN ROKA Women's Maverick Elite II Wetsuit

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Maverick Elite II W
Performance meets value like never before in the all-new Maverick Elite II. With improved materials and liners in key places throughout the suit and an ever-more-dialed-in fit based on years of experience, and we’ve taken the Maverick Elite II to a whole new level. Patented technologies such as ARMS-UP? construction (for unlimited shoulder flexibility), RS? centerline buoyancy in the upper body (to enable body rotation), and graduated buoyancy profile (for optimal horizontal body position) mean you simply can’t find a suit this fast anywhere else.

  • Zero shoulder restriction – ARMS-UP? Construction
  • More Natural Rotation (Patented) – RS? Centerline Buoyancy
  • Optimal Body Position – Graduated Buoyancy Profile
  • Inner Comport and Support – Liner Materials
  • Improved Neck Comfort – Independent Neck Suspension
  • Speed & Durability – SCS Nand Coating
  • Premium Materials – Yamamoto Neoprene
  • Kick Out Faster – Quick Release Ankle Panels
  • The Perfect Fit – Designed for Women
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