IRONMAN ROKA Men's Maverick Pro II Sleeveless Wetsuit

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Maverick Pro II Sleeveless
Easy speed – now faster and easier

The Maverick Pro II continues to be better than ever. With RS2? centerline buoyancy to enable proper body rotation, graduated buoyancy profile for optimal body position, and an ever-more-dialed-in pattern and fit based on years of experience, this is our fastest and most natural-feeling Maverick Pro ever.

  • More Natural Rotation (Patented) – RS2? Centerline Buoyancy
  • Optimal Body Position – Graduated Buoyancy Profile
  • Inner Comport and Support – Liner Materials
  • Improved Neck Comfort – Independent Neck Suspension
  • Speed & Durability – SCS Nand Coating
  • Premium Materials – Yamamoto Neoprene
  • Kick Out Faster – Quick Release Ankle Panels