IRONMAN HOKA Women's Capri

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Seamlessly designed it compresses on specific zones of the thighs so you’re your performance is enhanced.
As shock absorber to the tendons and joints, it delays muscle fatigue and makes you go longer and more resistant in the effort
Muscle fatigue being delayed, pains and aches are prevented and your legs are fully secured.
The fabric being woven in flat over-lock, you get maximum comfort and solidity in the seams of the suit. No chafing is allowed.
It targets compression in such a way that blood-flow is activated and toxins are eliminated.
Its hydrophobic fibre repels moisture and water and stays dry
Moreover the abdominal waistband protects and helps absorb shocks to the low back area.
A silicon grip inside the belt prevents slipping during ascents and prolonged effort.
A lunar pocket is available to store gels, nutrition and phone.
After effort, this pair of recovery tights women eases pain by 100% and reduces muscle stiffness.