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IRONMAN ROKA Men's Viper Pro X Short Sleeve Swimskin

IRONMAN ROKA Men's Viper Pro X Short Sleeve Swimskin

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Introducing the Short Sleeve Viper Swimskin.

The most popular suit in Kona just got even faster. Never satisfied, we took our revolutionary patented Arms Up technology from the Generation II Maverick Wetsuits and applied it to the Short Sleeve Viper for unprecedented speed and shoulder mobility in the water. Additionally, we have updated the suit with silicone leg grippers based on our learnings from the Pro Cycling Collection and Generation II Tri Race Apparel, eliminating sausage leg and resulting in more comfort.

The Short Sleeve Viper X is USAT and WTC legal and allows you to fully cover up your short sleeve tri suit on the swim, providing more coverage and further reducing friction and drag in the water. The suit is built with two varieties of the same premium Italian stretch-woven textile and a kinetic knit textile in the arms and independent neck suspension panel for liberating flexibility. It also features a hydrophobic Teflon coating, high tech bonded seams, hidden stitch reinforcement, and a low-profile auto-locking YKK zipper for ease in stripping the suit off en route to T1.

If you have a non-wetsuit race on your calendar, the ROKA Short Sleeve Viper X offers the ultimate in swimskin performance.


  • Swimskins should fit snugly but comfortably without inhibiting your breathing or arm movement. Fit may feel different while swimming vs. on land, so make sure to try the suit in the water. They are meant to have a tight, compression fit, like a competition pool swimming suit.
  • Note that swimskins are meant to be worn on top of a race top/bottom or race suit only for the swim portion of the race. They are very specific, high performance garments not meant to be worn alone like traditional swimwear and the suits can be see-through under certain light or when wet. Undergarments such as a tri kit or swimsuit are strongly advised.
  • Viper X note: Because of the compression taping throughout, the Viper X may run small compared to other Viper styles. If you are on the border of a size, we recommend you size up.
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