ROKA - Goggles


Razor-Sharp Optics And A Fit For Every Face

Features of ROKA Goggles

Anitfog (Activation tip - dip in cold freshwater before use)

All goggles have a double strap expect for the R1

All straps are adjustable

Different tints/spectrum lenses in all styles of goggles


  • Hydrophobic coating on the outside to clear the lens really fast, so when you lift your head up water isn’t stuck on it and you don’t have to wait for it to clear
  • Designed for open water swimming, you won't have to lift your head up as high to see the buoys, therefore your hips don’t drop as much which will results in you going faster in the water 
  • Retroscopic lens, see the difference in the image below


  • Similar to the R1 but doesn’t have the retroscopic lens


  • Smaller tighter race style
  • 6 different nose bridges included in the box
  • 3 different widths
  • 2 different heights
  • Similar to pool racing goggle 


  • Oversized goggle, to open up viewing allowing you to see more and feel less claustrophobic
  • Very comfortable
  • Doesn’t give you the typically goggle line marks

ROKA Goggles Comparison Table

Tints/spectrum lenses

Each tint has a different purpose: 

Cobalt is best for open water ocean swims, enhances yellow and green buoys


Clear mirror is best for morning light and indoor swimming 


Light amber is best for foggy, misty and hazy conditions, enhances orange and red buoys 


Light vermilion is best for lakes, contrasts against the green in the environment so you can see orange and red better


Light grey is best for transition light, urban backgrounds and natural color rendition  


Dark grey mirror best for direct sunlight with urban backgrounds and natural color rendition 

Jade mirror best for direct direct sunlight, enhances yellow and orange buoys 


Dark vermilion mirror best for transition light with green backdrops, will enhance orange and red buoys


Dark amber mirror best for transition light and direct sunlight, enhances orange and red buoys